Welcome to the new home of Soar Ahead Sailplanes.

SAS was founded by Alan Head in 1980 and he has been building and designing model aircraft ever since.

In July 1987 Alan introduced the Wildthing.
The first fully kitted EPP combat glider in the UK.

Alan recently decided that he no longer wanted to continue full time production of kits and running the mail order side of the business.

When I heard the news just before Christmas I decided to ask Alan if he would allow me to take over production so the SAS name could live on.

After a rather long chat Alan agreed to help us get started and over the last couple of months has been teaching me his production techniques.

This has not been the easiest thing to organise as Alan lives around 70 miles away and we already run a Taxi business.
But things are moving forward.
Stock and materials is arriving all the time & slowly but surely everything is coming together.

So now myself (Nicholas Robus) and my lovely girlfriend of 20 years Nickie (No we don’t have any plans to get married yet) are gearing up and working as fast as we can to get back to full production and a mail order service.

We have already created a website for online ordering and have shipped the first batch of kits out to customers.

We have both been surprised by the amount of orders we have had already and are working as fast as we can to catch up with the back log.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has placed an order and supported our decision.
Any concerns we may have had about this being a viable business for us to take on have been completely dispelled and the positive comments and support have really helped us stay focused.

Thank You All

Nick & Nickie

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Alan Head’s Website is still active at the moment and he can be reached in person through the telephone number and email at the bottom of the page should you wish to contact him.  I’m sure he would love to chat.