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Electric Wildthing 60″ Conversion

Well here it is, first flight of electric conversion of the W60″ from Rene Salina.

Flew using trim settings of standard W60″ with no adjustments needed with power on.
Now I know the purists out there will be throwing their hands up in horror but the reason behind this conversion is to extend the flying days available on sites were recovering a land-out is not an option.

The success of this version is credit to Alan’s sound design.

A second W60e is currently being built.

Details are:

2836/880out runner
30A controller
12×6 prop on 41mm adaptor
Pulls 19 amps on full chat
880mah 3s lipo

The Wildthing 60″e Weighs in at only 50 grammes more than the standard version.

Speed controller is surface mounted so heat sink is in airflow and the Lipo battery fits in original Battery/RX  space without modification.

Rene has promised us some video footage soon and close up pictures of the electronic set up should also be on the way.

Hope you like it.