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We know it’s tough some times to decide which model from the SAS range you should buy.

Lets face it they all rock.

Your mates all have a Wildthing 46″ they use for combat and you want to get in on that action.
But you really want the Mamba because you can leave it in the boot of the car for those cheeky flights on the way home from work.

We feel your pain fellow flyer.

So we have made life a little easier for you by introducing the combo deals.

Get your 2 Favorite kits at a discounted price when you order them together.

The Glass weave tape supplied in one kit is normally enough to cover 2 models if you use the tape efficiently, so we thought why not bundle them together and give our customers a great deal on their new models.

In a combo deal you will get 2 full kits but only one roll of Glass Weave tape and one roll of Colour Tape.

As always we supply all the hardware needed to complete your model including push rods, clevises, control horns, glue and double sided tape.

The combo deals are:

Wildthing 46″ + Mamba = £120

Wildthing 30″ + Mamba = £115

Wildthing 60″ + Mamba = £130




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Combo Deals

Wildthing 46" + Mamba, Wildthing 30" + Mamba, Wildthing 60" + Mamba, Venom + Mamba