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We now proudly present the COBRA.

Wing Span = 46 ins.
Length = 31 ins.
Weight = 30 ozs.
Wing Area = 2.8 sq.ft.
Wing Loading = 10.7 ozs./sq.ft.
Wing Section = SD 6060 (root to tip)
Radio = 2 channel (3 channel with flapperons)

Whilst this model can be flown extremely accurately by the aerobatic purists,  it is every bit as suitable as a trainer, just reduce the control surface movements, add an extra 1/2 oz. of nose weight. and you have a docile pussy cat. As experience grows, increase the throws, take out the extra nose weight, and you have a real tiger.

Although this model only needs two servos, the wing comes with holes pre-cut for flapperon servos with easily removed packing pieces in place which are retained if only a single wing servo is to be used. If you only have a two channel transmitter, you can still go for the three servo option by using a ‘Y’ lead, thus preparing for a transmitter upgrade at a later stage (which would then mean you could enable flapperons, have coupled flap and elevator, and also flapperon air brakes).

The model has a very wide speed range and is capable of flying in both light winds and near gales. Its inverted performance is very good, rolls are axial and it has vice free handling so that the novice only has to come to terms with his inexperience whilst the expert can fly smoothly without constant corrections.



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