Kit Contents :-

  • Wings
  • Fuselage
  • Carbon Spars
  • Glue
  • Cross Weave Tape
  • Colour Tape
  • Pair Of Push Rods
  • Pair Of Clevis
  • Pair Of Control Horns
  • Fin
  • Pair Of Fin Supports
  • Pair Of Elevons
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Name Stickers
  • Bags Of Fun….

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The first National Combat Championships was won by our WILDTHING, and the VIPER, on its first public outing the same day, the Elimination Event.  Not a bad day for SAS, but a portent of what was to come regarding the success of our epp models.

You might be thinking ‘What has this got to do with the VENOM?’venom epp_clipped_rev_1

Simple, the VIPER wing was a WILDTHING wing cut with sweepback and span increased to 50”, the maximum allowed under the BMFA Slope Combat Rules –  when we changed the section on the WILDTHING back in 2001, we did so with the  VIPER and at the same time reduced the root and tip chord to improve the model  further, renaming the new model VENOM.

Several years and updates later, it is still the state of the art combat model, and at the time of writing had filled at least the first three places in the last two National Combat Championships.

But we were not satisfied with that!

The latest version incorporates our new wing section, a further reduced root chord and tapered elevons resulting in an all round improvement in performance, particularly when making tight manoeuvres close in.

See ‘kit contents page’ for further details.

Less popular than our WILDTHING model because ‘similar’ looking models are available through some shops, but are they all epp?  Do they have three carbon fibre spars ( do they even have one?)?  Do they have underwing fuselages to protect the servo arms, push rods and control horns, to house the battery pack and give something to hold onto to make launching easier?  Have they even won the National Combat Championships once, let alone at least the the first three places twice in succession?  Do they fly as well or recover from a mid-air collision as quickly?  The answer to all of these questions is probably no, so you should give serious consideration to a VENOM, the experts have already made up their minds!!

As easy to fly as a WILDTHING, it is the choice of the experts for combat flying.

If I only flew combat, it would undoubtedly be a VENOM


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