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We finally have all the pieces of the puzzle in place.
I have just received the Instructions from Alan in the post and the missing measurements needed to complete the build.


It’s been so long since the Terminator was last made the front cover of the instructions is still in black and white and some of the text had been lost during computer malfunctions and upgrades over the 15 years since it was last made.
Alan has managed to recover partial files from his computer and re write the missing portions of the instructions.

He also had to do some recovering of memories and recall the sizes of the tail sections as there were no original components in his archive.
He doesn’t even have a Terminator of his own to take measurements from so being the genius he is and with the help of Mike Rigby’s excellent original plans Alan was able to measure and scale up the missing details for the parts .
We have managed to get as close as we can to the original model with a couple of minor modifications.

The time line now looks like this.

I will cut a sample kit for Alan and send it off to him by the end of this week.
Alan will check it over and build the kit so he is satisfied its all present and correct.
I’m not allowed to post any kits out to customers until Alan is satisfied it’s up to scratch.
Once I get the go ahead from Alan I will manufacture the kits that have been ordered and ship them out ASAP.

Alan should be able to build the kit pretty quick (24 – 48hrs)

I should then be able to have the kits out within 2-3 days of Alan saying go.