SAS Mamba


Specifications :-

Wing span 36.5” 98 cm.
Length 20″ 51 cm.
Weight 17 oz. 480 grm.
Wing Area 2.7 sq.ft. 25 sq.dcm.
Wing Loading 6.3 oz/sq.ft. 20 grm./sq.dcm.
Section SAS developments
Radio 2 Channel (with elevon mixing)

We are so pleased with the results achieved with the WILDTHING and the latest VENOM that we have re-introduced the MAMBA.

With the new section and reduced root chord. This limited edition model will set the cat amongst the pidgeons!! Despite its small size, it still uses standard size servos and a 4 AA cell flat pack battery SAS amba(pre-cut holes in the EPP of course).

It has to be fully covered with the crossweave tape and coloured vinyl tape (not the much cheaper polypropylene tape which gives far less protection to the adhesive on the crossweave tape) and even comes with a ready to cover under belly fuselage – all of the above including tape & glue being supplied in the kit.

The model will float around nicely in a light breeze but will eat up the sky with a few clicks of down trim in good lift conditions.

As you would imagine, at this small span, it can be set up to have a very high roll rate, but on reduced throws is gentle and predictable to fly – it is not a twitchy beast like so many small models are.

Small enough to fit in the smallest car boot, so you will always be ready to hit the slope.